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Hardening plasticity in Abaqus

In this package, hardening plasticity in the Abaqus software using Abaqus material models or UMAT subroutine or UHARD subroutine is discussed. It should be mentioned using a subroutine to define hardening could be more professional and this package tries to familiarize users with these subroutines for hardening definitions. So, if you want to write these subroutines for your customized project in the hardening plasticity field, I recommend you the "UMAT Subroutine (VUMAT Subroutine) introduction" and "UHARD Subroutine (VUHARD Subroutine) in ABAQUS".  

UHARD Subroutine (VUHARD Subroutine) in ABAQUS

UHARD stands for user-defined hardening models. For isotropic plasticity or combined hardening models, UHARD is a user subroutine to define the yield surface size and hardening parameters. In this tutorial package, you will learn when you need to use this subroutine first; Next, how to use the UHARD & VUHARD subroutine; After that, the difference between the UHARD & VUHARD subroutines and last, there will be four workshops to teach how to use them in action. The workshops are:  Implementation of UHARD Subroutine for isotropic hardening (formulation based) in a simple model, Deep Drawing simulation with VUHARD Subroutine or isotropic hardening Data-based with element removal, Simulation of material under pressure with UHARD Subroutine as internal subroutine combined with UMAT, and Simulation of incremental forming with VUHARD Subroutine Dharmasena modified Based.