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I am currently conducting a stencil printing simulation using ABAQUS. The simulation needs to be performed in 20 different locations on the stencil, requiring a separate simulation for each of these locations. In my case, all components remain fixed, and only the location of the blade changes across these 20 locations. The simulation consists of seven steps. Throughout these 20 simulations, all conditions remain identical from the first step until the fifth step. However, after the fifth step, I change the blade’s location in the sixth step and continue the simulation in the seventh step.
Given that the first five steps are the same in all simulations, I would like to explore if there is a way to execute these steps only once and then reuse or restart the results for the remaining 19 simulations. In other words, I aim to find a method that avoids repeating the first five steps in the subsequent simulations. Although I have attempted to utilize the restart option, it did not prove successful due to the blade’s location change in the sixth step.
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