I have calculated Tsai hill, and Tsai wu stresses but I want to calculate Failure Index IF ( as I have already input strengths in material>suboptions>fail stress, I am interested in failure). Is the stress calculated as Tsai wu, Tsai hill in attached image same as Failure index? Please.

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A couple of tips:

If you are using 3D elements, the thickness of your model should be small enough compared to other dimensions, so you would be able to use continuum shell elements.

If the thickness is not small enough, you have to use continuum elements; therefore, you need to use subroutine to have damage initiation. In this case, I recommend referring to the link below, where you can find examples like this:

3D continuum Abaqus HASHIN progressive Damage for composite materials (VUMAT Subroutine)


you can search on this website and find other stuff about the composites that might get your attention.

About the failure index: you need to select the Failure variables from the field output to observe the failure index, or you can use the UVARM subroutine to write your own function and failure index.

UVARM subroutine in ABAQUS


Best regards.

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