I’m using Python to operate the Abaqus GUI and create an RVE with PBCs. There is no interphase or interface material because the material is an Ox-Ox CMC. I’ll have to delete some of the elements to indicate porosity.
Is there anyone who has done something similar before?

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If your problem is geometrically and you want to know how to use python to model this composite, I suggest referring to the links below. You can learn a lot about python. You won’t regret it.

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part1

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part 2

Just remember, you must know the relations needed for the modeling.

If your problem is to define material properties, I recommend using UMAT and VUMAT subroutine. You can refer to this link:

UMAT Subroutine (VUMAT Subroutine) introduction

Again, you need to know the equation of the composite material properties.

Best wishes.

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