We offer our clients web-based/online one-on-one or public training that needs no physical presence. This approach accelerates learning process and can be easily done through desktop-sharing software.

There are several advantages while you are trained with this method:

  • No physical presence, so you have our experts from anywhere
  • You can record your training session via desktop-capturing software
  • Our expert have specific and limited access to your computer
  • Easy sharing of files and data

To enroll in these online course, please fill in the form below. Then, our support team will contact you to coordinate the online course.

Notice: If you have any question or problem you can contact us
Ways to contact us: WhatsApp/Online Support/Support@CAEassistant.com/ contact form

Get expert in CAE with us

What does cae mean? how it works? How can I get help? how can I get advantages from it?

In which kind of problem it can be used?

Get answer to all these questions and more with this courses exploring how to works with cae softwares. We provide you with the best training to upgrade or acquire skills in working with cae software.

What topics will you cover?

The courses goes through the all information and skills that you need to simulate a problem and Analyze the results. See the brochure for the syllabus provided in each course