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Our Team and Company History.

An amazing group, great service, and education-oriented that offers all your needs in an interactive context with the best quality and according to your wishes

About Our Team

We’re ready to provide you with a suite of ABAQUS simulation services whether industrial or academic. Our team will serve you in the shortest & lowest time and cost. Whether you need help on solving your bugs or outsourcing the project as a whole.

The CAEassistant group began its work on computer-aided engineering (CAE) in 2009. The team provides both academic and industrial CAE services such as consultation modeling simulating training and technical support. We currently offer the aforementioned services for Abaqus but we’ll add support for other simulation software soon.

Our team created by gathering a group of the multidisciplinary engineers like mechanical,

civil, metallurgy, biomechanics engineering and etc. The educational service contains undergraduate and graduate students. Consultation for thesis simulation and training in various engineering fields.

 Our industrial services are provided to all companies in research, manufacturing, product improvement and service development. This team is ready to work with all companies on training and project implementation

Our Vendors & Consultants

Dr Ronald Wagner

Leonardo Fernandes

Dr Santanu Paul

Dr Abdellatif Sadeq

Dr Omar Elharouney

Alvin Molberg

Arvind Eashwar Ramesh Babu

Pavan Kumar Athinarapu

Dr Amin Hajarian

Vignesh Arumugam

Arvind Eashwar Ramesh Babu

Pavan Kumar Athinarapu

Our Costumers

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We Convert Your Ideas Into Reality

Finite element simulation is used in a wide range of fields. Our team consists of specialists in various fields of engineering covering a wide range of areas of research. Here’s an example of the fields in which we provide services.

We are ready to be with you in your project. Whether by providing a training package for your project, as a consultant or a colleague. We are also ready to provide you with the most up-to-date web training in the world

What is Our Advantage Over Others?

Our specialty is providing high quality educational content from your project. We provide practical rare training in high quality and pure format. We are also constantly upgrading and updating our contents. We are also ready to provide your custom project and teach your simulation project step by step including all the tips, theories and necessary files.








Accurate simulations with verification


Lower costs in comparison to others


Unique and qualified collection of simulations


24/7 Online support all over the world


Using the most expert CAE simulation engineer


Response and service in the shortest time

Aims and benefits

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most specialized and comprehensive advice to help them perform and improve their simulations. Our team of engineers is also ready to carry out customer educational and industrial projects with following advantages

We offers simulation, consulting, and training packages with Abaqus in the fields of

Mission statement

Using of finite element method due to cost reduction and high speed is one of the most optimal problem-solving methods in different fields of engineering. On the other hand, the style of information transfer is changing. Users are more attracted to video content and the provision of interactive training in the form of video or other similar platforms is felt missing.

Our mission is to provide the content of computer simulation projects in high quality and user-friendly format and provide it interactively. We have also made it possible to provide data and pure information in the form of webinars or public and private classes that is distinct from anything available on the web.

We also aim for specialized research areas that have received less attention and good educational content is not available on the web for them. We are ready to advise and carry out your industrial or academic project with experience in various fields. Importantly, as we complete your project, we will transfer all our expertise and knowledge about your project to you in the tutorial video and teach you how to complete your project step by step with all the tips, if requested.

A number of the specific areas in which we operate include

  • Buckle and Post-Buckle
  • Geostatic
  • Thermo-Mechanical
  • Metal Forming
  • Piezoelectric
  • Acoustic & Shock
  • Impact
  • Cohesieve
  • Dynamic
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Composite
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture/Failure
  • Subroutine
  • Scripting

Check Out Our Presentation

See examples of our training packages, or simulation projects we’ve done, or projects we’ve consulted. Take samples or our webinars and online training classes.

All of these services are ready to deliver to academic and industrial projects, for companies, organizations, or training centers.

Our Future

As a short-term perspective, service to all simulation software is our goal. We are now organizing engineering teams to provide simulation services with Ansys, Comsol, Ls-dyna, Fluent, Nastran and etc.

This is just the beginning. As a long-term goal, we are preparing facilities to provide services in other steps of PLM – Production Cycle Management – by engineering software. As a first step it is desirable to provide services and training in CAD software.