A composite is a material made from two or more different materials that, when combined, are stronger than those individual materials by themselves. CaeAssistant can help you to gain more insight in the complexity of this field because of practical experiences in different projects in this field such as composite pressure vessel, Composite Shaft, Linear and nonlinear buckling in a composite plate , and more.
Material fatigue is related to a phenomenon which structures fail when subjected to a cyclic load. Our experts in CaeAssistant can help you in your projects since they have wide variety of knowledge and practical background like fatigue of unidirectional composites, woven composites, low cycle and high cycle fatigue metals and more.
The fracture occurs because of the development of certain displacement discontinuity surfaces. There are different ways to simulate fracture and failure in FEM software. CaeAssistant have valuable experiences to use different approaches to model fracture in various projects like
In many cases, GUI interface of Abaqus software is not sufficient to simulate our problems. Thus, Abaqus suggests different user subroutines. CaeAssistant wrote different types of subroutines in practical and academic problems like UEL, UMAT/VUMAT, USDFLD/VUSDFLD, DLOAD/VDLOAD, DISP/VDISP and more.
Python Scripting is a strong tool that allows users to combine the functionality of GUI of Abaqus and the power of the programming language Python. We have strong knowledge in this field because of different type of projects like scripting of various types of CPV, python scripting to have selective output and more.
Forming is one of the most popular simulations in Abaqus and is cost-effective to build a well-made product. CaeAssist have been done different projects in this field like Incremental forming, Hydroforming, Bending process, Deep Drawing and So on. These experience help you to solve your problems.
Acoustic and shock analyses
This approach can simulate different types of engineering phenomena including low-amplitude and higher amplitude waves. Projects like Blast simulation of composite plate, Bullet explosion and wave model are some of CaeAssistantā€™s background.
Impact analysis in different simulations need to have more knowledge about the possible failure behaviors, robust contact and dynamic technical methods. Impact analysis on rubber, metal, composite and hybrid plates are some our previous projects.
Cohesive is a way to connect two faces. In Abaqus there are two ways to simulate: 1- Element Based Method and 2- Surface Based Method. CAEassistant can help you to model and solve your problems with different approaches.
Dynamic Analysis
Our expertise in Linear and nonlinear Dynamics, Modal Frequency Analysis and Vibration Analysis are high- experienced. Our team because of different projects in this filed like Dynamic analysis on elastomeric model, vibration analysis on composite panel, simulation of three rods mechanism and etc, can help you to gain more insight in the dynamic behavior of your products and structures.
Buckling and post buckling
Buckling is one of the most phenomena which should be considered in designing since structure will fail when the loading gets too high. Our team have a good knowledge in this field and can help you to desing your structure well. Box buckling, Linear and nonlinear buckling in composite plates are some latest projects.
Geostatic Analysis, which is linear and nonlinear, accounts for pore pressure degrees of freedom and temperature degrees of freedom when coupled. Our civil engineering because of their powerful background can help you in this field.
geo static
Thermal mechanical Analysis
A coupled thermal-stress analysis is performed when the mechanical and thermal solutions affect each other strongly. Our experts simulate, the thermal warpage and deformation of your structure because of heat or cooling effects.