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ABAQUS Projects Package

If you need common industrial simulations in the fields of forming, fracture, explosion, impact, etc., this package can provide you with comprehensive training along with an instructional video file and software file. You can quickly meet your educational needs in learning the elementary and intermediate level of Abaqus software using this package.


This package presents a technique to bridge the gap between ABAQUS and MATLAB. It is especially useful when you want to set up an automated optimization loop between these two PC applications. The key points for linking are presented in a case study that is about topology optimization of an end-fixed 2D plate by the BESO approach.

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part1

This training package includes workshops that help you to fully learn how to use Python scripting in Abaqus software. This is likewise the most comprehensive tutorial for the script, and it is appropriate for beginners to advanced users. The subjects such as parametrization, optimization, sequential running and etc. are covered in this tutorial  

Composite Pressure Vessel in ABAQUS

This training package professionally provides tips for designing and simulating type 3 and 4 composite pressure vessels. In this package, various winding methods of simulation methods of composite pressure vessels are presented. This training package teaches scripting for automatic simulation of composite pressure vessels with three methods of geodetic, semi-geodetic, and planar winding. UMAT subroutine is also examined to identify the failure initiation and continuation of the failure based on a PUCK criterion.

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing simulation in ABAQUS

This training package simulates 3D printing using python scripting, modeling is done layer by layer and automatically. Due to the complex equations of material behavior, UMAT subroutine is used and DFLUX subroutine is used to apply thermal conditions.

Optimization in ABAQUS

Optimization in ABAQUS package presents optimization in two ways: topology optimization and shape optimization. This package provides a comprehensive overview of the ABAQUS optimization module with a variety of examples.

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part 2

This training package includes workshops that help you to learn about advanced Python scripting in Abaqus software. This is the most comprehensive tutorial containing advanced ways to write the Abaqus script. The subjects such as interrogation in output databases, Kernel plug-ins, RSG plug-ins, etc., are covered in this tutorial.