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ABAQUS for beginners (Mechanical Engineering)

In this training package, which is designed for beginners in mechanical engineering, various examples in the most widely used fields are presented. These examples are provided with the necessary points and theories for simulation. With this training package, you will be able to get acquainted with different ABAQUS modules in the form of various examples in modeling, how to get the output and the necessary results for reporting.

DLOAD and VDLOAD Subroutines in ABAQUS


This tutorial teaches how to use DLOAD and VDLOAD subroutine in ABAQUS to define a distributed nonuniform load. To do this we explain the subroutine blocks and its definable variables and capabilities to create complex loads. Then, we simulate a simple nonuniform load example which is depending on the location, and then develop it to complex one, step by step to depending on time and etc.

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Forming simulations in ABAQUS

In this training package, different types of forming simulations are presented along with different tips. These points include increasing the solution speed, different types of plasticity and damage models, different solvers, Lagrangian, CEL, and SPH methods and etc.

Introduction to VFRICTION and VFRIC Subroutines in ABAQUS


This tutorial help you in cases where the classical Columbian equations are more complex and cannot be implemented by the graphical ABAQUS environment. This package introduces and teaches how to write these two subroutines. This introduction contains explaining different optional and mandatory parameters of VFRICTION and VFRIC subroutines.