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Python scripting in ABAQUS Part1

This training package includes several workshops that help you to fully learn how to use Python scripting in Abacus software. Also, all the files you need for training, including the training video and the Abaqus Workshop file, will be provided to you.

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing simulation in ABAQUS

This training package simulates 3D printing using python scripting, modeling is done layer by layer and automatically. Due to the complex equations of material behavior, UMAT subroutine is used and DFLUX subroutine is used to apply thermal conditions.

Optimization in ABAQUS

Optimization in ABAQUS package presents optimization in two ways: topology optimization and shape optimization. This package provides a comprehensive overview of the ABAQUS optimization module with a variety of examples.

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part 2

This training package explains how to use Python scripting for complex problems for Professional users. This package is usable for someone who have watched the Python scripting in ABAQUS part1 or is familiar with python in basic level.