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ABAQUS Sequential Solution Software

With this Batch file, you can program multiple jobs in ABAQUS. So, they can be executed sequentially and do not need to be handled individually or run concurrently, which can cause software malfunctions. It can be so cost and time effective.


This package presents a technique to bridge the gap between ABAQUS and MATLAB. It is especially useful when you want to set up an automated optimization loop between these two PC applications. The key points for linking are presented in a case study that is about topology optimization of an end-fixed 2D plate by the BESO approach.

Matrix Generation in ABAQUS


This package introduces the element matrix information or the whole model, required for further analysis. This package provides the necessary explanations for this in the form of video and input files.

How to write input file in ABAQUS


This package tries to explain how to write other commands while explaining the instructions used in writing input. This is presented in some simple and practical examples.

How to use ABAQUS Documentation


This package teach you how to simulate your customized problem by using help to find similar problems and execute them, theories, using scripts and subroutines and etc.