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DFLUX Subroutine (VDFLUX Subroutine) in ABAQUS

DFLUX subroutine (VDFLUX Subroutine) is used for thermal loading in various body flux and surface flux states in heat transfer and temperature displacement solvers when flux load is a function of time, place, or other parameters. This training package with different examples in different fields tries to teach the use of this subroutine.

ABAQUS for beginners (Mechanical Engineering)

In this training package, which is designed for beginners in mechanical engineering, various examples in the most widely used fields are presented. These examples are provided with the necessary points and theories for simulation. With this training package, you will be able to get acquainted with different ABAQUS modules in the form of various examples in modeling, how to get the output and the necessary results for reporting.

Welding Simulation in ABAQUS

This training package fully covers the various possible methods for welding simulation. Various methods in welding simulation include the use of Lagrangian methods, CEL method, and SPH method.

UHARD Subroutine (VUHARD Subroutine) in ABAQUS

"UHARD Subroutine (UHARD Subroutine) in ABAQUS"  package includes various examples to define hard behavior in both implicit and explicit solvers. This training package is used to define a material's isotropic yield behavior. In addition, this subroutine can define the size of the yield surface in a combined hardening model. This subroutine includes material behavior dependent on field variables or state variables.

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing simulation in ABAQUS

This training package simulates 3D printing using python scripting, modeling is done layer by layer and automatically. Due to the complex equations of material behavior, UMAT subroutine is used and DFLUX subroutine is used to apply thermal conditions.

Python scripting in ABAQUS Part 2

This training package includes workshops that help you to learn about advanced Python scripting in Abaqus software. This is the most comprehensive tutorial containing advanced ways to write the Abaqus script. The subjects such as interrogation in output databases, Kernel plug-ins, RSG plug-ins, etc., are covered in this tutorial.

Implementation of Cohesive by interaction & element based methods in ABAQUS


This package, teach you how to choose method and apply cohesive modeling for various simple and complex problems. The training package also teach you how to define the basic geometry of the adhesive elements, and how to define the mechanical behavior in elastic and damage regions in ABAQUS FEM software.