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Consultation Session & Project Request

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Consultation session
The time and date of the session will be determined by the client.
The cost of the consultation session will vary based on the expertise of the consultant: 100 euros , 150 euros , 200 euros.
The consultant's valuable assistance contributes significantly to addressing the issue and finding effective solutions, even if complete resolution is not guaranteed.
The consultant's role includes providing valuable support and guidance, contributing to effective solutions for the issue, although complete resolution may not solely be their responsibility.
An online session is established for raising a question.
It isn't possible to add tasks.
Project Request
The project delivery time will be determined by the consultant
The project cost shall be assessed and determined by the consultant in accordance with their professional evaluation and expertise.
The consultant will ensure the complete resolution of the issue through their expertise, diligent efforts, and commitment to achieving a satisfactory resolution.
The consultant bears the responsibility for achieving a comprehensive resolution to the issue by utilizing their expertise, skills, and resources.
An online session is not established solely for the purpose of raising a question.
By making an additional payment, you can add extra tasks.

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