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Access all our training packages

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How does membership benefit my business/ academic career?

Our subscription plan offers a range of benefits to employers, institutes, and universities. These benefits include:

  • 1- Cost efficiency: subscribers can use a variety of packages at a lower price than it’d cost to buy all those packages separately.
  • 2- Flexibility: CAE assistant offers a variety of packages for users to choose from, helping them find their perfect fit including PROJECT PACKAGE AND TRAINING PACKAGES.
  • 3- Convenience: the subscription plans are designed to make your purchase easy, fast, and accessible. Your orders will be delivered and ready to use immediately.
  • 4- Support: our support team is ready to guide and answer every question you might have.


With business /academy packages, you can:

Abaqus courses for business    Access all packages with up to 50% discount.

Abaqus courses for business    Learn ABAQUS software from basic to advanced levels.

Abaqus courses for business    Access advanced subroutines and scripting to use in your own project.

Abaqus courses for business    Use multiple access feature and share packages with your employees/ students.

Abaqus courses for business   Find complete and comprehensive video training that will prepare you for any project in no time!

We completely understand how you feel, lots of our audience asked us to prepare a complete video of Abaqus tutorial to answer their need to learn Abaqus fast and easy. 


Abaqus Course | All you need for Abaqus

In this meembership, you can access all files of Abaqus courses in All fields on the website

Why should I choose the ABAQUS course package?

Abaqus tutorial    The ABAQUS course package contains over 10,000 minutes (300 training videos), in addition to 150 packages, 500 workshops,1000 simulation documents, and 50 subroutines.

Abaqus tutorial Abaqus course package is designed to cover basic to advanced simulation techniques, explaining every detail in a fluent and comprehensive way.

Abaqus tutorial All lessons are specific and on point. Every level includes the essential data the user needs to put the theory in practice from the very first day.

In a word, being complete and having support in this course is the essential value of this course.

Abaqus tutorial      A team of experts will accompany you through your learning process, users can contact experts and ask them for answers and step-by-step guidance.

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(+10000 hours, 150 Packages, +300 videos)

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Business Membership
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€ 4800 Per Year
Access all training and project packages on the websites.
Learn FEM software from basic to advanced levels.
Access Video files, software files, advanced subroutines and scripts
You can share packages with your employees/ students up to 3 users!
Complete and comprehensive video training in comparison to other websites
Download 4 packages per months based on your request for free

Business Membership for access All Courses in Abaqus software

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