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Abaqus Explosion

This package is usable when we have an Explosion Simulation in Abaqus software. If you follow this tutorial package you will learn the modeling and analyzing of the elementary level of explosion phenomenon.

Composite simulation for experts-Part-1

If you are a graduate or Ph.D. student, if you are a university professor or an expert engineer in the industry who deals with simulation software, you are definitely familiar with the limitations of this software in defining the material properties, loading or meshing, interaction properties, and etc. You have certainly tried to define the properties of materials based on advanced fracture theories in finite element software and are familiar with their limitations and problems. Now, here is your solution. Start writing subroutines in finite element software and overcome the limitations. With the tutorials in the Golden Package, you will learn how to write 8 subroutines in Abaqus software professionally.

Introduction to USDFLD and VUSDFLD Subroutine


In this usable tutorial, the material properties can change to an arbitrary dependent variable. One of the most important advantages of this subroutine is simplicity and applicability. Various and high usage examples are unique characteristics of the training package.

This training package includes 5 workshops that help you to fully learn how to use USDFLD and VUSDFLD subroutines in Abaqus software. By means of these subroutines, you will have expertise redefine field variables at a material point by the solution dependence of standard and explicit, respectively.

Abaqus Soil Modeling Full Tutorial

All facets of soil modelling and simulation are covered in this full tutorial. The package includes twenty titles on topics such as soil, saturated soil, TBM, earthquake, tunnel, excavation, embankment construction, geocell reinforced soil, geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining wall, soil consolidation in interaction with the concrete pile, earthquake over gravity dam, infinite element method, sequential construction, calculation of the total load capacity of the pile group, bearing capacity of the foundation. Package duration: +600 minutes

Abaqus Crack Growth Full Tutorial

Here in this training package, numerous methods of crack propagation modeling, such as the XFEM and H integral and so on, in concrete, steel, dams, bones, and other materials are examined through ten step-by-step tutorials. Every tutorial includes all needed files and a step-by-step English videos and is explained from A to Z. Package duration: +300 minutes

Cohesive simulation for experts

This educational package is used for experts in cohesive field simulation. This package includes simulation of elastic and damage area by Abaqus capabilities, Using UMAT subroutine for elastic and damage region and simulation of cohesive fatigue with USDFLD subroutine