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Airfoil simulation with different angles of Attack | Ansys fluent

Airfoils are a vital and important part of many industrial units. For example, in many kinds of rotary equipment such as gas turbines and wind turbines or compressors, airfoils play a vital role. Another usage of airfoils is in the aviation industry, which they used in airplane wings. The crucial parameters that are important in airfoils are the drag and lift forces or drag and lift coefficients. By using these parameters, we can design better airfoils to achieve greater lift coefficients and lesser drag coefficients. With this package, you learn how to design, mesh, and simulate an airfoil. Also, you learn how to link MATLAB to Ansys Fluent to change the geometrical constraints and boundary conditions automatically. You can use this method for your own optimization.

Mixing tank simulation with Ansys fluent(2D and 3D)

The mixing process is crucial and highly effective in various industrial applications. It finds application in industries such as food and cement manufacturing, among others. This course focuses on the implementation of mixing processes in both 2D and 3D spaces. This course begins with designing the geometry with complete details. Next, we learn how to use Ansys Meshing software to mesh the geometry in detail and assess the mesh quality. Following this, we apply appropriate two-phase and turbulence models to simulate the process, allowing us to analyze the results. Additionally, we create animations of the process to visualize how the mixing process occurs.