How can I save the graphical (display) settings I made in Abaqus/CAE? I do not want to repeat these settings when opening Abaqus again. (Abaqus save Display options)


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Abaqus display settings

If you change your Abaqus display settings, such as altering the render style or disabling the visibility of datum planes, you can save these changes (save settings) for future use. Abaqus/CAE records these customized settings in a file called “abaqus_your Abaqus version.gpr”. This file is loaded and the Abaqus display settings are automatically applied whenever you initiate a new session in Abaqus/CAE. With this method, you don’t have to apply your settings every time you start a new session in Abaqus. Just save settings and start your modeling right away! But how to save settings?

From the main menu bar, select File > Save Display Options to save all the current display options settings:

Save Display Options

The Save Display Options will give you two choices:

  • Save the abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr file in your Home directory and utilize the settings for all future Abaqus/CAE sessions.
  • Save the abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr file in a specific directory and implement the settings for any Abaqus/CAE sessions initiated from that particular directory.

Modifying the abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr file is not possible, but you can remove it to revert back to the default settings. Additionally, you have the option to duplicate the file in different directories on your computer or transfer it to another machine. Whenever you use Save Display Options to save settings in abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr, Abaqus/CAE consistently saves all the current settings and replaces any previously saved settings. It is not possible to selectively save specific settings. (Abaqus Display settings)

Please keep in mind that if you launch Abaqus/CAE from a directory lacking an abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr file but containing a display options settings file from a previous version, Abaqus/CAE will try to implement the settings indicated in that earlier file version. Furthermore, it will generate an abaqus_Abaqus version.gpr file to save the settings it applies.

By using Save Display Options Abaqus/CAE saves the following display options settings:

  • Display options for parts and assemblies include settings such as the render style, visibility of prescribed conditions, different types of datum geometry, and the display of mesh, element, and node labels.
  • Abaqus/CAE save settings for both the graphics options and viewport annotation options. Additionally, it preserves the perspective setting.
  • Print options.
  • Display options in the Visualization module; for example, the contour type for contour plots and the render style and fill color in the common plot options.
  • Animation options in the Visualization module.
  • Other options in the Visualization module, such as probe, field report, X–Y plot, and X–Y report options.
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