Abaqus common element errors

element error

Excessive rotation of elements

I experimented with the dimple sheet structure. I’m using Abaqus to simulate the incremental sheet forming process of a dimple sheet sandwich structure. Aluminum 1050 sheets are used. Epoxy rasin is used to attach the sheets and is modeled as Tie. Between the sheet and the tool, there is surface to surface contact. The tool has a 5.5 mm radius. For shaping, a truncated pyramid shape is used. The error [excessive incremental rotation of elements in elements set ErrElemExcessIncrementalRotation-step1] is produced via simulation.
There are a total of 8 elements that rotate excessively]. How can this be resolved?

I recommend you check the items below:

  • Did you select a suitable element type? (Reduced integration point, hourglassing, etc.)
  • Specify proper element size
  • Check for the units
  • Check the property module and see if you insert the right material properties and right material model for your simulation

Also, I recommend checking this link:

In this link, there is an almost exact example of your problem. (Incremental forming).

Incompressible elements

When you modeled an incompressible material (Poisson’s ratio=0.5 or Poisson’s ratio>0.475) like rubber or any elements that have the letter “H” in their names like hyperelastic, you have to use Hybrid element formulation. Note that this formulation is only available in ABAQUS/Standard. See the Figure below; you can use a Hybrid formulation through the “Assign Element Type”.

element error

Gravity load and discrete elements

I received an error while performing discrete element analysis in Abaqus “NO ELEMENT IN THE MODEL HAS MASS FOR APPLICATION OF GRAVITY LOAD.  MATERIAL DENSITY MAY HAVE NOT BEEN SPECIFIED”. How to assign density to the discrete elements?

First, you must define a reference point for your discrete model; then, define the mass on the reference point.

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