How can I run .inp files in Abaqus to view the results?

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Sometimes you may need to use an .inp file to run an Abaqus job, instead of constructing your model through Abaqus/CAE (graphical interface of Abaqus). For example, you find a sample .inp from Abaqus documentation and want to open it in Abaqus/CAE or run it.

Running input file in Abaqus/CAE

Go to the Job module. Select Create Job, name the job, and then under Source pull down menu, select Input file. Browse to you input file. After that, click Continue… OK to the edit job dialog box. Now in the Job Manager window, select your newly created job. Click Submit and cross your fingers 🙂

procedure for running input file in Abaqus/CAE

Opening input file in Abaqus/CAE

You can also open .inp file in Abaqus to have a sense of geometry, materials, etc. See How to open the input file in Abaqus?


It is a wrong procedure:

1. Importing .inp file in Abaqus/CAE.
2. Creating a regular job (based on the Model produced) and running it.
3. Viewing the results.

(Can you say why?)

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