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NumCodeTitle Level Softwarestatus
1Abq-1 Composite shear wall simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
2Abq-23D crack Growth analysis with XFEM methodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
3Abq-3Crack growth analysis in bolt connection using XFEM method BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
4Abq-4Crack Simulation in the tank under internal and external pressure using DLOAD subroutineBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
5Abq-5Crack Simulation with Clasic Method BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
6Abq-6Simulation of 2D crack propagation with XFEM methodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
7Abq-7Analysis of 3D crack in tube with XFEM methodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
8Abq-8Simulation of Fatigue Crack growth with XFEM methodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
9Abq-9 Heat transfer analysis using UTEMP subroutineBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
10Abq-10Simulation of heat transfer of welding processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
11Abq-11Simulation of tooth implantation processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
12Abq-12Blast Simulation next to a brick wall BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
13Abq-133D Heat Transfer in plate BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
14Abq-14Bike Brake SimulationBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
15Abq-15Bird Strike SimulationBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
16Abq-16Bridge Optimization BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
17Abq-17Brinell hardness test simulationBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
18Abq-18Buckling and post-buckling analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
19Abq-19Can Drop simulation with CEL MethodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
20Abq-20Can Drop simulation with Lagrangian MethodBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
21Abq-21Cohesive Damage Simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
22Abq-22Cold Forging SIMULATION BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
23Abq-23COMPOSITE Aircraft wing simulation and buckling analysisBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
24Abq-24Impact Analysis of a bullet on a composite plateBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
25Abq-25Simulation of a composite pipe under pressure BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
26Abq-26Simulation of delamination in composite layers BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
27Abq-27Simulation of Pulse Pressure on Composites tubeBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
28Abq-28Earthquake analysis of concrete dam BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
29Abq-29Porosity analysis and find the Phreatic surface of an earthen dam BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
30Abq-30Seismic analysis of a dam usung Semi infinite elements BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
31Abq-31Simulation of concrete dam FAILURE test BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
32Abq-32Simulation of the elastic dam deformation processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
33Abq-33Buckle and post-buckling of cylindrical shellBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
34Abq-34Impact simulation with element removalBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
35Abq-35progressive Damage SImulation in the grooved body with Johnson cook material model BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
36Abq-36Simulation of Chip Formation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
37Abq-37Simulation of High Deformation Twisting BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
38Abq-38Disc brake simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
39Abq-39Domino Simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
40Abq-40Drilling simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
41Abq-41ECAP SimulationBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
42Abq-42Elastoplastic analysis using Coulomb-Mohr criterionBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
43Abq-43Extrusion simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
44Abq-44Hydroforming and annealing simulations BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
45Abq-45Hydroforming simulation of four-way pipe BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
46Abq-46Impact analysis on Balloon with Bullet BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
47Abq-47Impact analysis on plate with bulletBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
48Abq-48Impact Simulation of aluminum can BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
49Abq-49Impact Simulation of metal can BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
50Abq-50Impact Simulation of pipe test BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
51Abq-51low-cycle fatigue Simulation of crack growth BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
52Abq-52Model Change Technique in ABAQUSBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
53Abq-53Plate Optimization in bending machine sheet BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
54Abq-54Rolling of I section beam Simulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
55Abq-55Simulation of a perforated plate under sinusoidal pressure BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
56Abq-56Simulation of a flat hingeBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
57Abq-57Simulation of blood flow in a vessel BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
58Abq-58Simulation of bolt, pin and nut connections BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
59Abq-59Simulation of buckling and post-buckling of steel frame BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
60Abq-60Simulation of Bullet movement through water BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
61Abq-61Simulation of can bending BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
62Abq-62Simulation of concrete and soil interactionBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
63Abq-63Simulation of crack growth in concrete structure with XFEM method BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
64Abq-64Simulation of cutting thick sheets using a miniature milling tool BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
65Abq-65Simulation of drainage soil experiment BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
66Abq-66Simulation of DVD rotation processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
67Abq-67Simulation of elastic beam BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
68Abq-68Simulation of elastic beam using UMAT subroutine BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
69Abq-69Simulation of Forward extrusion processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
70Abq-70Simulation of frictional heat generation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
71Abq-71Simulation of hydroelastic tensile test BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
72Abq-72Simulation of LATERAL crush BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
73Abq-73Simulation of limit loading and bearing capacity calculation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
74Abq-74Simulation of masonry wallBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
75Abq-75Simulation of non-buckling brace under cyclic load BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
76Abq-76Simulation of oil tank full under earthquake load BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
77Abq-77Simulation of pile bearing capacity BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
78Abq-78Simulation of pipe creep process BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
79Abq-79Simulation of pipe hydroforming BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
80Abq-80Simulation of plate with hole BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
81Abq-81Simulation of pressing process BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
82Abq-82Simulation of pressure on hyperelastic materials BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
83Abq-83Simulation of radiation heat transfer BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
84Abq-84Simulation of reinforced concrete beams BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
85Abq-85Simulation of reinforced concrete beams in ABAQUS WITH REBARS, BRACE AND FRPBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
86Abq-86Simulation of reverse tube extrusion process BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
87Abq-87Simulation of Ring RollingBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
88Abq-88Simulation of rolling process by a rigid roller BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
89Abq-89Simulation of Rolling with two rollers BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
90Abq-90Simulation of sheet bending using a roller BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
91Abq-91Simulation of sinusoidal forging processBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
92Abq-92Simulation of sinusoidal loading using Disp SubroutineBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
93Abq-93Simulation of soil consolidation using semi-infinite elements BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
94Abq-94Simulation of spring collision with ground BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
95Abq-95Simulation of tensile test BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
96Abq-96Simulation of the effect of obstacle presence in the fluid path in ABAQUS CFDBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
97Abq-97Simulation of Truss type bridge BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
98Abq-98Simulation of Turbulence inside the pipe BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
99Abq-99Simulation of valve BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
100Abq-100Simulation of water flow inside the pipeBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
101Abq-101Simulation of water jet cuttingBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
102Abq-102Simulation of water mixingBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
103Abq-103Simulation of Waterjet cleaning BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
104Abq-104Simulation of Wave Propagation in plate BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
105Abq-105Simulation of xfem crack growth in composite plate BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
106Abq-106Simulation Water Sloashing inside the flash tankBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
107Abq-107Stool optimization BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
108Abq-108thermal-electrical analysis of a fuse BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
109Abq-109Thermomechanical Analysis Bimaterial StripBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
110Abq-110Three Point Bending ssimulation BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
111Abq-111Tube bending simulation with three rollers BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
112Abq-112two-dimensional heat transfer Simulation of a concrete-brick oven BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
113Abq-113Underwater explosion simulationBeginnerAbaqusAvailable
114Abq-114Welding Simulation using the birth of the element BeginnerAbaqusAvailable
115Abq-115Simulation of projectile penetration analysis in a thick foam sheet IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
116Abq-116Aluminum cone crumpling simulation and its inside foam compressionIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
117Abq-117Creep simulation of viscoelastic bush under quasi-static loading IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
118Abq-118Blast simulation between two pipes with the Lagrangian methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
119Abq-119Underwater blast simulation with the Lagrangian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
120Abq-120Underwater blast simulation on a reinforced sheet with UNDEX method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
121Abq-121Underwater blast simulation on a submerged structure IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
122Abq-122Analysis of underwater blast simulation effects on a floating structureIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
123Abq-123Underwater blast simulation near a concrete barrier with the acoustic methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
124Abq-124Simulation of a rod impact to a steel target with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
125Abq-125Blast simulation in a concrete tunnel with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
126Abq-126Steel ball impact simulation to a multilayer composite with the SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
127Abq-127Analysis of waterjet simulation effects on a steel sheetIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
128Abq-128Simulation of a bird collision to an aluminum target with MSFLD criterion IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
129Abq-129Bullet shooting simulation with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
130Abq-130Simulation of a bird collision to an airplane glass with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
131Abq-131Blast simulation in a steel room with SPH methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
132Abq-132Blast simulation in a steel pipe with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
133Abq-133Blast simulation in a steel sphere with SPH method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
134Abq-134Simulation of a floating object on water with the Eulerian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
135Abq-135Simulation of a rigid object collision with water surface with the Eulerian methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
136Abq-136Blast simulation in a steel pipe with the Eulerian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
137Abq-137Blast simulation near concrete barrier with the Eulerian methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
138Abq-138Bubble blast simulation into the water with the Eulerian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
139Abq-139Blast simulation on a concrete object with the Eulerian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
140Abq-140Blast simulation near a steel wall with the Eulerian method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
141Abq-141Blast simulation on a sandwich panel IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
142Abq-142Incremental forming simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
143Abq-143Blast simulation on a concrete guard structure with Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) method IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
144Abq-144Blast simulation on concrete slab IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
145Abq-145Blast simulation on a steel foam sandwich panel IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
146Abq-146Impact simulation of a DShK bullet to a reinforced concrete wall IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
147Abq-147Steel rod high velocity impact simulation to the ceramic composite plateIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
148Abq-148Fluid flow simulation on a wind turbine blade in ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
149Abq-149Fluid flow simulation in a mixer with different temperatures in ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
150Abq-150High velocity impact simulation of a bullet to steel plateIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
151Abq-151Simulation of two nonisothermal flows in a T shape pipe with ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
152Abq-152Explosive welding simulation between aluminum and copper pipesIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
153Abq-153Eulerian blast simulation on a concrete arch dam IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
154Abq-154Eulerian blast simulation on a concrete wall IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
155Abq-155Butterfly valve simulation in ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
156Abq-156Pure Eulerian blast simulation on a retaining wall IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
157Abq-157Fluid flow simulation in a multiway pipe with ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
158Abq-158Bending simulation of a rectangle aluminum shell with damage propertiesIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
159Abq-159Fluid flow simulation on an airfoil in ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
160Abq-160Friction stir welding simulation of copper-steel IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
161Abq-161Impact simulation of a high velocity projectile on concrete surface in ABAQUS-Damage modelIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
162Abq-162Fluid flow simulation on a escarpment with ABAQUS/CFDIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
163Abq-163Simulation of springback process in tube bending IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
164Abq-164Piezoelectric effects simulation on the natural frequency of an aluminum beam IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
165Abq-165Writing UMAT Subroutine for Non-Isothermal ElasticityAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
166Abq-166 Writing VUMAT Subroutine for Kinematic Hardening PlasticityAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
167Abq-167Simulation of elastic properties of soil in different depth with USDFLD subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
168Abq-168Analyzing a crack path in Spherical FGMAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
169Abq-169Composite shell plane explosion with a sticky connector in the layers.:AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
170Abq-170Writing UMAT Subroutine for Isotropic Isothermal ElasticityAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
171Abq-171 Writing UMAT Subroutine for Elasticity and TSAI failure criterion of composite materialAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
172Abq-172Writing VUMAT Subroutine for Brittle Materials + Element RemovalAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
173Abq-173Writing VUMAT Subroutine for Isotropic Hardening PlasticityAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
174Abq-174Simulation of a cantilever beam by Python scriptingAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
175Abq-175Python scripting for Running a number of jobs sequentially - Multiple RunningAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
176Abq-176Python scripting of a 3D Truss frame of I beamAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
177Abq-177Python scripting for optimization of a planar shell bendingAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
178Abq-178 Writing UEL subroutine for planar beam element with nonlinear section behaviourAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
179Abq-179Writing UEL subroutine for beam Element with specific boundary conditions and loadingAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
180Abq-180Analysis of a one-element truss structure using VUEL subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
181Abq-181Analysis of a one-element truss using user-coded external loads (VUEL subroutine)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
182Abq-182Analysis of multiple truss elements connected in series using VUEL subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
183Abq-183FSW welding simulation with Eulerian ElementsAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
184Abq-184Explosive welding simulationAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
185Abq-185Simulation of FSW welding with SPH methodAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
186Abq-186Butt welding with death and birth of an element methodAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
187Abq-187Simulation of Arc welding between two tube with DFLUX subroutine (Thermomechanical Analysis)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
188Abq-188Writing UMESHMOTION subroutine in Forming Process (2D wear)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
189Abq-189Writing UMESHMOTION subroutine in Rolling Process (2D wear)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
190Abq-190 Stress Analysis of woven composite plate under tensile edge loadAdvancedAbaqusComing soon
191Abq-191 Stress Analysis of unidirectional multilayered composite plate under pressureAdvancedAbaqusComing soon
192Abq-192 Stress Analysis of composite by RVE (micro modeling) under normal displacementAdvancedAbaqusComing soon
193Abq-193ABAQUS Sequential Solution SoftwareIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
194Abq-194Implementation of Neo-Hookean material behavior in ABAQUS via UHYPER subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
195Abq-195Simulation of Rigid ball pressing against a Hollow Block in ABAQUS via UHYPER subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
196Abq-196Safety factor calculation of Hemispherical Metal with crack under internal pressure using UVARM subroutineIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
197Abq-1973D Hashin Failure Criterion in Composite Cylinder with liner under torsion using UVARM subroutineIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
198Abq-198Complete 2D BESO implementation through linking ABAQUS & MATLABIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
199Abq-199Simulation Single Lap joint under tension with Cohesive elementAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
200Abq-200Simulation of masonry wall in Abaqus usingcohesive surface behaviorAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
201Abq-201Debonding behavior of a double cantilever beam using cohesive behavior via surface-based method in implicit solverAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
202Abq-202Composite shell structure in cylindrical bending with Sine loading with Dload subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
203Abq-203Damage analysis of Explosion loading on the steel plate using DLoad SubroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
204Abq-204Applied load on Semi-spherical body in water in different heights with DLoad SubroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
205Abq-205Simulation of Hydroforming with Advanced functional fluid pressure load using VDload subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
206Abq-206Simulation of the effect of vehicle loading on the bridge using DLOAD subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
207Abq-207Simulation interaction between deformable cubic and rigid surface for Mohr Coloumb model (VFRIC)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
208Abq-208Rolling Simulation with rate-dependent Mohr Coulomb interaction (VFRIC)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
209Abq-209Simulation interaction between 3D deformable cubic and rigid surface with Mohr Coulomb and rate-dependent Mohr Coulomb model (VFRICTION)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
210Abq-210Hydro Deep Drawing simulation with rate-dependent Mohr Coulomb model (VFRICTION)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
211Abq-211Simulation of welding between two plate with DFLUX subroutine (Heat transfer Analysis)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
212Abq-212Simulation of different types of functional heat flux(Body-surface-Element) in plate with Johnson-cook plasticity with VDFLUX subroutine(Thermomechanical Analysis)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
213Abq-213Implementation of UHARD Subroutine for isotropic hardening (formulation based) in simple modelAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
214Abq-214Deep Drawing simulation with VUHARD Subroutine or isotropic hardening Data-based with element removalAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
215Abq-215Simulation of material under pressure with UHARD Subroutine as internal subroutine combined with UMATAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
216Abq-216Simulation of incremental forming with VUHARD Subroutine Dharmasena modified BasedAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
217Abq-217Static analysis of damage initiation and progressive damage based on HASHIN failure criterion in holed composite plate under non-uniform loading (shell element)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
218Abq-218Static analysis of stress based damage initiation criterion on holed composite plate under complex non-uniform loading (continuum shell element)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
219Abq-219Investigation of damage initiation and progressive damage based on criteria in the impact of a bullet on the a multilayer composite cylinder shell (shell element)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
220Abq-220High-speed Impact analysis on multi-layered composite plate based on HASHIN failure criterion (damage initiation and progressive damage/ Physical based criterion/ shell element))AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
221Abq-221Impact analysis on composite plate with continuum shell element (damage initiation and progressive damage)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
222Abq-2223 points bending of concrete cylinder with isotropic elastic behaviorIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
223Abq-223Bucklimg Analysis of Glass-Epoxy Composite materialsIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
224Abq-224Hashin damage initiation for Umat subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
225Abq-225Puck damage initiation for Umat subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
226Abq-226TSAIH damage initiation for Umat subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
227Abq-227Hashin damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
228Abq-228Puck damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
229Abq-229TSAIH damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
230Abq-230TSAIH damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
231Abq-231TSAIH damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
232Abq-232TSAIH damage initiation for USDFLD subrouitne for 3d continum element AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
233Abq-233Composite Pressure vessel with 3d elementIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
234Abq-234Automatic Loading to apply loadIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
235Abq-235V-bending with springbackIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
236Abq-236U-bending with springbackIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
237Abq-237S-bending with springbackIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
238Abq-238Blast on composite plate with progressive damage (VUSDFLD)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
239Abq-239Simulation of chip formingAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
240Abq-240Simulation of Centrifugal movment of diskIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
241Abq-241Simulation of cold extrusionIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
242Abq-242Cold Rotary forging in AbaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
243Abq-243Static and buckling analysis of composite cylinder under external pressureIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
244Abq-244Puck damage initiation criterion for 3D continuum element composite material subroutine (USDFLD)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
245Abq-245Simulation of 2d crack with J-integral method AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
246Abq-246Simulation of Asphalt CreepAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
247Abq-247Deep drawing simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
248Abq-248Simulation of Elastomer-structure behavior under side loadAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
249Abq-249Stress analysis of motor chasis frames in elevator IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
250Abq-250Extrusion simulation in AbaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
251Abq-251Failure analysis of bonded structures using Cohesive Elements in AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
252Abq-252Forge Analysis in AbaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
253Abq-253Rolling Simulation in abaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
254Abq-254sink deep drawing simulation in abaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
255Abq-255inertia welding simulation in abaqus with FRIC and UEL subroutinesAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
256Abq-256FSW simulation with changing friction with slip rateAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
257Abq-257fatigue simulation of chopped composite material with UMAT materialAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
258Abq-258Fatigue Simulation of woven composite material with UMAT materialAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
259Abq-2593d deep drawin simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
260Abq-260Hydroforming simulation in AbaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
261Abq-261Impact and Delamination Analysis of Hybrid Composite Plate with VUMATAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
262Abq-262Impact simulation of kevlar/hyper plateIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
263Abq-263Impact simulation of 3d continuum and shell element in AbaqusAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
264Abq-264Simulation of incremental forming in Abaqus to form imperfect coneAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
265Abq-265Simulation of incremental forming in Abaqus to form Cylinders with different diametersAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
266Abq-266simulation of Mechanobiological bone growthAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
267Abq-267simulation of reinforcement concrete structure with braces under loadIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
268Abq-268Python to apply load(thermal) proffesionally(functioanlly) and excel Output automaticallyAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
269Abq-269Rubber Analysis IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
270Abq-270rubber pad forming simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
271Abq-271Scripting to Change Ellipse Dimensions Automatically to find Optimum Model in Complex civil StructureAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
272Abq-272Scripting via dimensionAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
273Abq-273centrifigual stress analysis of compressor IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
274Abq-274sheet metal spining simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
275Abq-275 tube spining simulationIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
276Abq-276Static Analysis of Disk under Flow PressureIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
277Abq-277Static analysis of Eliptical Crack in tube with internal pressure(k factor calculation)AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
278Abq-278Static and Buckling Analysis of composite cylinder with domeAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
279Abq-279Stress and Optimization Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessel with Semi-Geodesic winding using scripting and UMAT subroutineAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
280Abq-280Thermal Stress Brake AnalysisIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
281Abq-281Tube Drawing processIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
282Abq-282Reverse extrusionIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
283Abq-283Vaccum analysis of plateIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
284Abq-284wire drawing simulation in AbaqusIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
285Abq-285Explosion welding simulation of Titanium-steel in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
286Abq-286Friction stir welding simulation of aluminum-steel with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
287Abq-287High velocity projectile impact simulation to a ceramic reinforced by composite in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
288Abq-288Tunneling simulation with NTBM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
289Abq-289Friction stir welding simulation of two steel plates in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
290Abq-290Bullet impact simulation to a military helmet in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
291Abq-291Explosion welding simulation of Copper-Aluminum in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
292Abq-292Simulation of high velocity impact penetration into a concrete wall with SPH method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
293Abq-293Blast simulation in the water near a concrete dam with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
294Abq-294Explosion simulation on a concrete slab using CONWEP loading in ABAQUS AdvancedAbaqusAvailable
295Abq-295TBM tunneling simulation in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
296Abq-296High velocity impact simulation to a ceramic plate reinforced with a steel plate in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
297Abq-297High velocity impact simulation to a silicon carbide plate in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
298Abq-298Impact simulation of a steel bar to a ceramic plate in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
299Abq-299Friction stir welding of aluminum plates with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
300Abq-300Friction stir welding of two copper plates in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
301Abq-301Simulation of water sloshing using the Lagrangian method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
302Abq-302Steady-state heat transfer analysis in an insulated pipe with ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
303Abq-303Simulation of spinning in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
304Abq-304Rotary forging simulation in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
305Abq-305Simulation of concrete dam vibrations analysis with foundation excitation (earthquake) in ABAQUS IntermediateAbaqusAvailable
306Abq-306Water jet cutting simulation in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
307Abq-307Impact simulation of a rigid ball to a balloon in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
308Abq-308Crack growth simulation in a steel pressure vessel with XFEM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
309Abq-309Cyclic loading simulation on a steel pipe in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
310Abq-310Ball impact simulation to a net using fluid cavity procedure in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
311Abq-311Impact analysis due to the pipe rupture in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
312Abq-312Curvature simulation of an elastic dam under water pressure with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
313Abq-313Femur bone fracture simulation under rigid impact in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
314Abq-314Bird strike simulation with SPH method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
315Abq-315Ellipsoid crack simulation in a presure vessel under variable pressure with DLOAD subroutine in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
316Abq-316Welding simulation using the DFLUX subroutine in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
317Abq-3172D tunneling simulation in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
318Abq-318Fracture simulation of a steel tensile specimen in a tensile test with ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
319Abq-319Steel sheet cutting simulation with ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
320Abq-320Blast simulation on a concrete wall half planted in the soil with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
321Abq-321Under water explosion simulation with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
322Abq-322Fluid- Structure interaction simulation of a butterfly valve in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
323Abq-323Fluid- Structure interaction thermal simulation of a pipe in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
324Abq-324Friction stir welding simulation of Titanium plates with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
325Abq-325Blast simulation with the Eulerian method in a Lagrangian pipe in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
326Abq-326Explosion welding simulation of Titanium-steel and temperature analysis in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
327Abq-327Crack growth simulation in a composite plate with XFEM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
328Abq-328Blast simulation on a concrete slabAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
329Abq-329Fluid-Structure interaction simulation of a column in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
330Abq-330Fluid-Structure interaction simulation of a cylinder in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
331Abq-331Bullet impact simulation to a concrete wall using Johnson-Cook theory with ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
332Abq-332Crack growth simulation in a CT sample with XFEM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
333Abq-333Blast simulation on a concrete slab reinforced by composite layers in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
334Abq-334High velocity bullet impact simulation to a concrete wall in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
335Abq-335Steel bar impact simulation to a reinforced cocrete wall in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
336Abq-336Crack growth simulation in a pipe with XFEM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
337Abq-337Explosion welding simulation of aluminum-copper and temperature analysis in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
338Abq-338Friction stir welding simulation of aluminium plates with the Eulerian method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
339Abq-339Pile-soil interaction simulation with ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
340Abq-3402D tunneling simulation and earthquake analysis in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
341Abq-341Pile penetration simulation to the soil with CEL method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
342Abq-342Earthquake simulation on gravity dam in contact with water and soil using infinite element in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
343Abq-343CEL explosion simulation inside concrete tunnel in interaction with soil in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
344Abq-344Steel sphere impact simulation to a sand cube with DEM method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
345Abq-345Thermal analysis of the chipping process with ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
346Abq-346Air blast simulation on a sandwich panel (aluminium-Epoxy Glass) in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
347Abq-347Impact simulation of a rigid body to a sandwich panel (aluminium-Epoxy Glass) in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
348Abq-348Soccer ball impact simulation to a human skull in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
349Abq-3492D crack growth simulation in a concrete plate with XFEM method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
350Abq-3503D crack growth simulation in a concrete wall with XFEM method in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
351Abq-351Cyclic loading simulation on a reinforced circular concrete beam in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
352Abq-352Earthquake simulation on 2D concrete tunnel in interaction with soil in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
353Abq-353Rigid projectile impact simulation to a water tank in ABAQUSIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
354Abq-354Buckling and post buckling simulation of a square column in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
355Abq-355Impact simulation of a ball (filled with air) to the water in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
356Abq-356Arc welding simulation with the DFLUX subroutine in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
357Abq-357Impact simulation with DEM method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
358Abq-358Eulerian-Lagrangian blast simulation in ABAQUS- volume fraction methodIntermediateAbaqusAvailable
359Abq-359Fusion welding simulation with the DFLUX subroutine and residual stress analysis during the process in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
360Abq-360Underground blast simulation inside two concrete tunnels with CEL method in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
361Abq-361Arc welding simulation of a steel pipe with the DFLUX subroutine in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
362Abq-362Progressive failure simulation in reinforced concrete structure subjected to the Eulerian blast in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
363Abq-363Air blast simulation inside a reinforced concrete room in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable
364Abq-364High velocity bullet impact simulation to a three layers plate in ABAQUSAdvancedAbaqusAvailable

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