In order for an organization to be able to identify its problems and take steps to address them, in addition to the use of experts in the production of products and numerous reviews by quality control officers, it is necessary to review customer feedback. In our opinion, the best feedback providers are our customers because they use the package exactly according to their needs and better identify its problems. Therefore, we ask you, dear customer, to fill out the form below regarding the package that you have purchased. In addition to promoting the package and receiving free package updates in the future, filling out the form below will allow you to participate in the lottery using discounts on the site.

How do new updates reach the customer?
In the case of customer feedback and the result of the problem in the package, as soon as the new update is ready, it will be updated in your dashboard and notified by email.

How is the lottery done and the customer is notified?
The lottery is held randomly between loyal customers and e-mails are offered to selected individuals with a discount code. It should be noted that all participants in the survey are offered a 5% discount with a unique discount code.