Hi everybody,
I am getting something weird from my ABAQUS dynamic explicit analysis output, i.e. my kinetic energy curve is fluctuating (ALLKE), as shown in the image below. I’ve already verified that the kinetic energy (ALLKE) is significantly lower than the internal energy (ALLIE), but I’m still receiving a very noisy force-displacement curve, which I believe is due to my fluctuating ALLKE. Is anyone else ever in a situation like this?
Is it common to have ALLKE higher than ETOTAL, as seen in the image below?

Thank you so much for any suggestions!

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Force VS displacement


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First of all, it is common to have some noises in the ABAQUS/Explicit as shown in your ALLKE plot. However, you have noises with large amplitude at the end of your ALLKE plot. You should check out what has happened to your model at this time. Moreover, the ETOTAL is the sum of several different energies. In other words, it is a sum of several minus and positive values. So, it may or not ALLKE is greater than the ETOTAL.

I recommend you check the following links to learn more:

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