(Counseling sessions for assessment and satisfaction of the consultant and client are recorded by the CAE website.)

1- line by line troubleshooting in the code and program is not the consultant’s responsibility, and only general solutions can be provided. The CAE website does not guarantee this.

2-The client and consultant are obligated to ensure optimal audio and video quality.

3- The client must prepare their questions in fluent and clear English before the session, and if they participate in the session without English language readiness, the client will bear the consequences of wasting the session time and it will be not considered extra time.

4- The client is obliged to ask their question (in the file uploaded during the appointment) technically, accurately, and clearly, and with complete information about their issue and project, so that the consultant can answer the questions well if more information about the file or project is needed.

5-Refunding to a bank account is not possible(Except for specific cases.), and in the event of a refund request, the money will be returned to your wallet on the website, which can be used to purchase products on the site.

6-  If the client is not satisfied with the session content and requests a refund, their request will be reviewed by our team, and if it does not meet the refund criteria, the money will not be refunded.

The cases that do not qualify for a refund include:

6-1- If the client asks questions during the counseling session that are unrelated to the topics mentioned in the submitted question file (time is allocated for the session, and the main subject is not addressed).

6-2- If the client requests a detailed troubleshooting of the code or program (line-by-line debugging is not possible).

6-3- If the initial session evaluation has expressed a satisfaction rate of over 60%.

6-4- If the request for a refund is due to a proper internet connection issue, while the CAE team has confirmed the connection between the client and the consultant during the session.

6-5- Considering the English language nature of the session, if the client has difficulty understanding English, they can record the session and use it later; otherwise, the possibility of a refund does not exist.

6-6- If the client purchases the wrong card, only 70% of the amount will be refunded.

6-7- In accordance with the session reminder one day and one hour before the session, if the client does not attend the session and does not inform beforehand, only 50-30% of the client’s payment will be refunded to their wallet for purchasing website products.

6-8-The customer can cancel the session up to 2 days before the session

If a customer cancels within the specified timeframe, 100% of the money will be refunded to the customer’s wallet on the website within one week. However, if the cancellation occurs after the specified deadline, 40% of the money will be refunded to the customer’s wallet.

6-9-Delaying the timely presence in the meeting for more than 15 minutes will result in the cancellation of the session and the absence of the client will be counted. According to the previous clause, 50% of the money for purchasing products from the website will be refunded to your wallet.