1.Online tutoring consulting service

Please note that uploading articles or projects that belong to other websites is illegal and is strictly prohibited on our website. If you upload any such content, you will be solely responsible for any legal consequences that may arise. By submitting your content, you confirm that you are the rightful owner of the content or have obtained the necessary permissions and licenses to use it.

(Counseling sessions for assessment and satisfaction of the consultant and client are recorded by the CAE website.)

2- The client and consultant are obligated to ensure optimal audio and video quality.

3-Based on the file received by the consultant before the session, the possibility of rejecting or approving the consultant’s question is provided. If the consultant approves the response to the question and lacks sufficient information, the right to refund the payment to the customer is reserved, and the consultant does not receive any money.

4-The consultant confirms by accepting these rules that they will provide all their technical information to the customer for the purpose of solving the mentioned issue in the session and will make every effort to satisfy the customer.

5-If a counseling session has a suitable level of quality, we can use its content as a product, and in that case, the consultant will receive 30% of each sale.

6-If the consultant performs all necessary operations for package production from the consultation session, this commission rate will increase by 50%. (These operations include preparing an instructional lesson in English with narration and subtitles, preparing instructional examples of the subject in the form of videos or PDFs, preparing the product description on the website, and providing necessary support for sales.)

7-The consultant is obliged to check and review the customer’s file within a maximum of 24 hours, and if the consultant does not respond, the matter will be referred to another consultant after this time.

8-Since each consultant specifies their previous schedule in their own dashboard, including the number of days and hours available for consultation, if the consultant is absent from the session, considering the damage caused by organizing a new session by another consultant, 30% of the consultancy fee will be considered as compensation for the second consultant.

9-In case the consultant is absent from the session and does not respond to calls or actively cooperate for two months in the counseling system, the consultant’s profile will be closed.

10-The consultant’s fee will be paid if the customer is completely satisfied after 10 days.

11-Due to the necessity of preserving the rights of customers and considering that consultants are introduced to customers through the website CAEassistant.com, communication with the customer must take place through the counseling system, and the consultant has no right to communicate with the customer outside the counseling process. If the CAE Assistant team becomes aware of this issue, their user account will be closed, and the resulting damages from this communication will be considered in the consultant’s account, and the company has the right to pursue legal action.

12-After 3 registered dissatisfactions by the customer, the consultant’s account will be closed.

13-If the consultant’s internet connection is interrupted, the consultant is obligated to reschedule a free session for the remaining time of the session.

14-Since our goal is to satisfy the customer, if the customer has difficulty expressing the issue verbally in English, time will be allocated to write the text in English for the customer.

15-If insufficient or incorrect information is provided to the customer, causing customer dissatisfaction and resulting in the session ending in less than 45 minutes, the CAE team, after reviewing the session video, will carry out the necessary investigations and the consultant in this form confirms that they will accept the final decision of the CAE Team.

16-Any final decision regarding refund and resolution of issues between the parties is the responsibility of CAE, and both parties will accept the final decision of the CAE team by confirming this form.

17-All material and intellectual rights of counseling sessions will belong to the CAE website. According to our discretion, the content of this session may be published in any form. (It should be noted that the project information provided by the customer will be considered confidential and will be kept secret by the website and the consultant, but the questions and answers (challenges and solutions) will generally belong to the CAE website.