3D Hashin Composite Failure in ABAQUS with UMAT Subroutine

Customer project carried out by CAE Assistant team

3D Hashin Composite Failure in ABAQUS with UMAT Subroutine is based on the article on how to implement a three-dimensional Hashin failure initiation criterion for composite materials, as well as reducing sudden properties. As you know, there is no model for detecting the failure of composite materials in 3D continuum elements in composite materials; while writing this UMAT subroutine, it is possible. In this simulation, the subroutine is used to execute this ability. In order to validate the subroutine, loading in different directions and comparing it with the results of the Abqus material model have been used.

The following packages are related to this product:
3D continuum HASHIN progressive Damage for composite materials in ABAQUS (VUMAT Subroutine)

Simulation of composite Hashin damage in 3d continuum element in Abaqus (UMAT-VUMAT-USDFLD)

Keywords: Static, Composite, Subroutine, ABAQUS, 3D Hashin, Failure.

Type of Model Shell
Solving Method Standard
Materials Composite
Provider CAE Assistant Team

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