Pausing Abaqus Job, Terminate job or kill job in Abaqus

pausing abaqus job

Can I pause an Abaqus analysis job I submitted? How?

Yes. It’s possible to pause an Abaqus job (Abaqus pause job). You can use suspend command in a command prompt window (CMD) from the same directory from which the job was submitted. To do that more easily, follow this instruction:

1. Going to the working directory

Open the folder of your current work (where .inp and other during-analysis files are written).

2. Running CMD

As you hold the SHIFT key, right-click on any empty space of your explorer window and select Open Command window here:

pausing abaqus job

In the newer versions of Windows 10, PowerShell is introduced in place of CMD. Therefore, you should select the Open PowerShell window here instead.

3. Entering the “suspend” command

Type this command to suspend the job execution. If the name of the job submitted is “CAEassist”, you should type:
Abaqus job= CAEassist suspend

Entering Suspend Command

And press Enter. Now, the Abaqus job has been paused (Abaqus pause job).
This is how you can pause an Abaqus job and then resume it whenever you need (Abaqus pause job).
However, if you then decide to terminate the job completely | Abaqus terminate job, use the option terminate instead (kill Abaqus job command line):

Abaqus job= CAEassist resume
However, if you then decide to terminate the job completely, use the option terminate instead:
Abaqus job= CAEassist terminate

A run can be terminated using the terminate option without having to suspend the job in the first place (Abaqus terminate job). This option is also available graphically in the Job Manager window too:

pausing abaqus job

OK now. You have learned how to suspend a job using Abaqus commands and the cmd window. Now, imagine you have a model, for example, a beam, and want to do some analyses on it, and each time changing its dimensions; usually, you change its dimensions through the Part module and run the analysis, right? Don’t you get bored?! What if I tell you you can automate your modeling and save time? watch the “Workshop 2: job sequencing” video in the Python scripting section of the Abaqus Free course to learn how to do it.

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