Hello there, guys. I use ABAQUS and the CEL technique to perform the sloshing analysis.
We used the tank plate as a rigid body because we didn’t have much time.
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the maximum pressure at the tank plate. However, because the tank plate is a rigid body, the pressure behavior at the tank plate is not visible. However, we can only see the pressure at the liquid level.
Is there a way to use liquid pressure to acquire the pressure result of a tank plate?
Actually, I don’t comprehend the pressure at the liquid, and I’m looking for your assistance. I appreciate it….

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I wonder why did you model a rigid body. You can just use solid or shell elements. If you need more information on how to use CEL analysis in Abaqus, refer to this link:

CEL Analysis in Abaqus

I hope make it worth your while.

Best wishes.

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