I’m trying to model rotational displacement with Abaqus’ static technique.
I found an example of a dynamic procedure but I couldn’t find any for this problem.

Does anybody know how to rotate the attached ring around axis y in Abaqus?

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I have three recommendations for you:

  • First, you can define a reference point in the center of the ring and create the coupling constraint between the point and the ring. Then, apply the “Displacement/Rotation” boundary condition.
  • Second, create a rigid plane, place it on top of the ring, make tie constraint, and then apply rotation on the reference point of the plane.
  • Third, create a rigid cylinder and place it in the ring. Make tie contact between the inner surface of the ring and the outer surface of the cylinder. Then, apply rotation on the reference point of the cylinder.

I think the last two are better because local deflections may occur in the first solution.

Also, check the link below. You may find it helpful for your current and future problems.

ABAQUS course for beginners | FEM simulation tutorial

Best wishes.

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