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Assume I have two material properties MATERIAL1 and MATERIAL2. I start my model with MATERIAL1 and calculate each element’s (von misses) stress and if any element’s stress exceeds N MPA I change its material to MATERIAL2 and continue till all the elements’ materials
are altered to MATERIAL2.
For this purpose:
Do you suggest Abaqus scripting by the following method:
1. Run the job
2. Write elements’ stresses to an .odb file
3. Check the elements’ stresses by reading the .odb file and change the desired elements’ material to MATERIAL2
4. Run the next job
5. Continue the above-mentioned loop by a script till all the elements’ materials change to MATERIAL2
Do you suggest running a job and implementing Abaqus subroutines (USFLD etc)?
1. Which method is applicable?
2. What are the cons and pros of each one?
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PS: Let’s say the real model has 1000 elements or more and 5 different material properties to describe a small gap bone healing process.
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The best way to do this is to use a subroutine. If the ABAQUS has your material equations, it’s easier to use the USDFLD; otherwise, use the UMAT subroutine. Check the links below. They are articles that can help you write the UMAT subroutine.

Start Writing Your 1st UMAT Abaqus

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