I’m creating a model of a structure built of stone arrangements. Because the number of instances is so large, meshing and analyzing the assembly as a 3D deformable body fails due to my computer’s physical memory limit of 64 GB. Is there a way to test the stability of these blocks without having to mesh them?

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It’s not possible to do this without meshing. However, I recommend using the Submodeling technique. Analyze your model with less mesh and larger meshes. Find the critical sections, then use the Submodeling technique.

Also, I have some recommendations to speed up your simulation:

  • Use mass scaling if you are using the “Dynamic, Explicit” step.
  • If your model is quasi-static, increase the mass artificially.
  • You can change the time period and the size of the meshes as well.

You can refer to the links below to acquire more information. It’s worth a look.

Best wishes.

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