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I am working on composite laminate analysis. Need to do a numerical analysis and the stacking sequence is given by the supervisor in the attached photo.
– If there is a + and – sign together (as in the case for 45 degree), then what to do?
– What to do during (0,90)?
– How the symmetry will work here?
I have some options (options given below), but not sure and don’t have a clear explanation. Can anyone please help me and confirm it?
(1) 45/0/90/45/45/90/0/45/45/0/90/45/45/90/0/45
(2) 45/0/0/45/45/0/0/45/45/0/0/45/45/0/0/45
(3) 45/0/45/0/45/0/45/0/45/0/45/0/45/0/45/0
I thought to use only +45, so I have come up with these 3 options, but not sure~
Thank you a bunch in advance for your effort and time 🙂
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First, you need to determine the direction of the plies, I mean, in which direction the plies must stack. Second, you can toggle on the symmetric option in the composite layup edit window from the plies tab. If you need some examples with a complete tutorial, check the link below:

Simulation of Unidirectional Composite Damage in ABAQUS

Also, browse this website if you are interested. There is a lot of stuff about composites.

Best regards.

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