Hello Abaqus users,
I’m writing UMAT for fatigue analysis. I use direct cyclic step for calculations. My properties depend on N cycles or total time. Do you know how to define the total time step or a number of cycles in UMAT?
Now, I calculate the total time by KINC parameter (increment number). It works fine until my results converge. If not, the total time reset to zero, but the increment number does not. I tried to call TIME(1) and TIME(2), but they just show step time, not the total time.
Abaqus experts, how to address this problem?
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I didn’t understand your question. However, when you want to use a subroutine to simulate fatigue in the composite structures, you define steps, and for each step, you define a specified number of cycles. Then, you can observe the effects of fatigue on material properties in each step.

I recommend checking the link below. You will learn many things about implementing subroutines to simulate composite fatigue.

Composite Fatigue Simulation with UMAT Subroutine in ABAQUS (unidirectional)

Best regards.

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