How to increase the number of step increments in the ABAQUS standard?
The problem is that the ABAQUS has a limit number of 10e7 (one billion) for the number of time increments. Is any way to use more than one billion?
I need it for fatigue analysis.
Thank you.
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I don’t know what method you used for fatigue simulation. However, you can create multiple steps and divide the increments between the steps.

Check the link below. You might find something useful in it.

Simulation of Fatigue in Abaqus

Another recommendation is to write a subroutine (UMAT or VUMAT). You can define the number of cycles you need, define several increments, and assign the cycles to the increments. For example, you have 100 million cycles; then, define 100 increments and assign every 1 million cycles to one increment.

Something like this is done on a composite model in the package that I sent you its link:

Composite Fatigue Simulation with UMAT Subroutine in ABAQUS (unidirectional)

Best wishes.

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