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Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing Abaqus simulation

3D printing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by layering materials, such as plastic or metal, based on a digital design. 3D printing simulation involves using software to predict and optimize the printing process, allowing for more efficient and accurate production. This educational package includes two 3D printing modeling methods. The first method is based on the use of subroutines and Python scripting. After an introduction to the 3D printing process, the first method with all of its detail is explained; then, there would be two workshops for this method; the first workshop is for the 3D printing simulation of a gear with uniform cross-section and the second one is for a shaft with non-uniform cross-section. The second method uses a plug-in called AM Modeler. With this plug-in, the type of 3D printing can be selected, and after inserting the required inputs and applying some settings, the 3D printing simulation is done without any need for coding. Two main workshops will be taught to learn how to use this plug-in: "Sequential thermomechanical analysis of simple cube one-direction with LPBF 3D printing method using the trajectory-based method with AM plug-in" and "3D printing simulation with Fusion deposition modeling and Laser direct energy deposition method with AM plug-in".

Additive manufacturing simulation with Abaqus AM modeler plugin

3D printing is the layer-by-layer creation of three-dimensional objects using materials such as plastic or metal, based on a digital design. Simulation of the 3D printing process involves software that predicts and enhances the printing process for efficient and accurate production. This training package includes the use of the AM Modeler plug-in, which allows for selecting the type of 3D printing and conducting the simulation without coding. Two workshops will be taught to master the use of this plug-in: "Sequential Thermomechanical Analysis of Simple Cube One-Direction with LPBF 3D Printing Method Using the Trajectory-Based Method with AM Plug-In" and "3D Printing Simulation with Fusion Deposition Modeling and Laser Direct Energy Deposition Method with AM Plug-In".