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If you want to define motion for mesh nodes, you must use the UMESHMOTION subroutine. This subroutine helps you to specify Mesh Motion constraints during adaptive meshing. In this tutorial package, you will learn when you need to use the UMESHMOTION subroutine and how to use it. This package contains three workshops: “writing UMESHMOTION subroutine in forming process”, “writing UMESHMOTION subroutine in rolling process”, and “Tread wear simulation via UMESHMOTION”. The Archard model is used in the wear process, which is very popular in academic and industrial projects.

UMATHT Subroutine in ABAQUS

This "UMATH subroutine in ABAQUS" package teaches you how to define the thermal constitutive behavior of the material as well as internal heat generation during heat transfer processes. This subroutine needs to define a different variable including internal thermal energy per unit mass, a variation of internal thermal energy per unit mass with respect to temperature, heat flux vector, variation of the heat flux vector with respect to temperature, and variation of the heat flux vector with respect to the spatial gradients of temperature. This training package tries to teach how to use this subroutine by using various thermal examples.