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Package Grade Table

All the training packages available on this website are categorized in four A, B, C, or D categories and by purchasing any of the above plans, you will have access to a limited number of these packages. If you have chosen your package, see in the table below which category it is in:


A-GradeB-Grade C-GradeD-Grade
Advanced UMAT Subroutine (VUMAT Subroutine)βœ“---
3D continuum HASHIN progressive Damage for composite materials in ABAQUS (VUMAT Subroutine)βœ“---
Implementation of Lemaitre Damage model with VUMAT subroutineβœ“---
Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing simulation in ABAQUSβœ“---
Composite Pressure Vessel in ABAQUSβœ“---
Composite Fatigue Simulation with Subroutine in ABAQUS Part1βœ“---
Introduction to USDFLD and VUSDFLD Subroutine-βœ“--
Forming simulations in ABAQUS-βœ“--
UAMP subroutine (VUAMP subroutine) in ABAQUS-βœ“--
UMATH Subroutine in ABAQUS-βœ“--
UMAT Subroutine (VUMAT Subroutine) introduction-βœ“--
Python scripting in ABAQUS Part1-βœ“--
Introduction to UEL Subroutine in ABAQUS-βœ“--
Introduction to VUEL Subroutine in ABAQUS-βœ“--
Optimization in ABAQUS-βœ“--
Welding Simulation in ABAQUS-βœ“--
Fracture simulation in ABAQUS-βœ“--
Python scripting in ABAQUS Part 2-βœ“--
UMESHMOTION subroutine in ABAQUS-βœ“--
ABAQUS Sequential Solution Software--βœ“-
Introduction to composite material in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Matrix Generation in ABAQUS--βœ“-
UHYPER Subroutine in ABAQUS--βœ“-
How to write input file in ABAQUS--βœ“-
UVARM subroutine in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Analysis of Heat Transfer in Abaqus--βœ“-
UGEN Subroutine in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Linking ABAQUS and MATLAB--βœ“-
Implementation of Cohesive by interaction & element based methods in ABAQUS--βœ“-
DLOAD Subroutine and VDLOAD Subroutine in ABAQUS--βœ“-
DISP and VDISP Subroutines in ABAQUS--βœ“-
UEXPAN and VUEXPAN Subroutine--βœ“-
Macroscopic modeling of composite material with ABAQUS--βœ“-
HETVAL subroutine in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Thermal Heat Transfer in Abaqus--βœ“-
Simulation of Composite Material Damage in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Introduction to VFRICTION and VFRIC Subroutines in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Explosion simulation in ABAQUS--βœ“-
DFLUX Subroutine (VDFLUX Subroutine) in ABAQUS--βœ“-
UHARD Subroutine (VUHARD Subroutine) in ABAQUS--βœ“-
Concrete reinforcement and column beam joint structures in ABAQUS--βœ“-
CEL Analysis in Abaqus---βœ“
Abaqus Explosion---βœ“
Simulation of Fatigue in Abaqus---βœ“
Optimization in ABAQUS Analysis---βœ“
SPH in Abaqus---βœ“
Simulation of forming in ABAQUS---βœ“
Simulation of impact in ABAQUS---βœ“
Simulation of Fracture in Abaqus---βœ“