Hello, dear researchers,
In simulation BRB systems, I guess there is always a step before running the full simulation for simplification purposes which is the initial imperfection modeling, what does that means? and is it necessary to avoid convergence problems and get better simulation?
– if so, how to enter the initial imperfection of the model in Abaqus?
I look forward to your answers.
with best regards.
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If you need to add imperfection for your buckling analysis, first you need to do a linear buckling of your model and get the results from the first three buckle modes; then, add the imperfection in a Static, Riks step. The imperfections must be a ratio of the results you got from the linear analysis. I suggest referring to the link below to learn how to do it.

Abaqus Tutorial for Beginners (Abaqus Tutorial for Civil Engineering)


Best regards.

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